Omi Mahina’s tribal fusion dance classes combine belly dance, hip-hop, ballet, jazz, flamenco and hula into a lovely, powerful yet graceful dance fusion style.  Get fit, have fun and remember how to love your body all over again.

Dance has amazing benefits that go above and beyond the traditional fitness class-while dance classes undoubtedly can get you into fantastic shape it is a fantastic creative outlet, good for the body and mind, and lots of fun.  We are the only local instructors who are able to utilize live drumming on a regular basis in our classes which gives students a powerful way to learn both the rhythms and the movements. 



Beginning/Intermediate Tribal Fusion Improv and Drills

This class is for dancers new to the style of tribal fusion improv or more experienced dancers who want to work on their group improv skills and drill the foundation movements in order to improve technique and fluidity. This class is also wonderful for students who want to reap the fitness benefits of dance without working on choreography. Learn Omi Mahina’s style of tribal fusion belly dance complete with warm up and strengthening drills.  Performance opportunities available for interested and motivated students but not necessary to participate in class. REGISTER HERE!

Tuesdays 6:30 pm:

Invite Only Omi Hokulani Rehearsal

Omi Hokulani is Omi Mahina’s intermediate level invite only performance troupe. Students are selected after regularly attending our improv class and showing a commitment to regular attendance, learning the material, and positive cooperative attitudes. We love having this troupe grow!

No you do not have to show your belly! Come dressed in comfortable yoga pants and tank or t-shirt with a silent hip scarf or coin belt if you wish.   All levels and body types are welcome.


Workshops/Private Lessons:

Private lessons are available at the rate of $40 per hour for non-Omi Mahina/Omi Hokulani students, $30 for students already participating in weekly classes.

Workshops are also available on topics such as:

-Omi Mahina’s tribal fusion improv language basics

-Choreography sequences


-Improving technique


Omi Mahina’s performance style has been described as fun, powerful, lovely, and captivating.  Why not see for yourself?  We are available for tasteful entertaining at family friendly events.

Omi Mahina brings more than the average bellydancer to your private party or corporate event.  In addition to being dazzling performers in the usual repertoire of American tribal style belly dance, including the use of props such as veils and swords, Omi Mahina performs with internally recognized drummer (doumbek)  player Jeremiah M. Soto of Solace (  Adding a live drummer will take your event over the edge.  Along with live music, Omi Mahina cross trains in acro-yoga and contortion and is sure to craft a show your family, friends and clients will be thrilled with and talk about for months.

Show packages:

*Please note all show prices include two dancers.  Omi Mahina is a duet and only available for solo shows on a case by case basis for people we have already done business with.

Mini-show $300:

One 10-15 minute set.  A lovely set that can include choreographed or improvised sets to recorded music, our live drummer (see add-on below), your live or recorded music.  Will usually include one prop including veils, swords, juggling clubs or balls.  can include partner stunting or contortion.

Classic show $450:

Two 10-15 minute sets with a change of costume in between.  This may include choreographed and improvised sets or improvised dance to our live drummer (see add-on below), your live or recorded music.  Can include one or two props including veils, swords, juggling clubs or balls.  Can include partner stunting or contortion.

Diva for a Day Package ($550 for two dancers/instructors):

This is a fun option for weddings, office parties, corporate events, family reunions.  Omi Mahina will teach you and your friends a simple three minute dance.  Our instructors will perform it with you and your friends at your event, along with an additional 10 minute set by Omi Mahina Instructors.  Includes two 1.5-hour rehearsals  plus the event.

Add-on live drumming:

$150 for mini-show, $250 for classic show.  Our wonderful friend the legendary Jeremiah M. Soto ( is available to add even more to your event.  Live drumming is captivating and energizing.  Our live improvised performances with our drummer are exciting, fun and electrifying.

Add-on specialty contortion or Apparatus sets:

Malolo is an accomplished contortionist and specializes in contortion on a specially built Apparatus.  Talia and Malolo are able to perform doubles on the Apparatus.

In order to secure our time, a signed contract and 50% deposit is required via paypal to  Please contact us via phone (text or voice mail) at 916-952-7186 or 916-508-1029 or

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