Omi Mahina’s award winning tribal fusion style combines belly dance, hip-hop, ballet, jazz, flamenco and hula into a lovely, powerful yet graceful dance fusion style.  Co-directed by original founders Talia and Malolo, we enjoy putting our years of dance and movement study and passion for music and movement into each class and performance.   Omi Mahina works to teach classes and provide performances in a way that are empowering and positive for students and audience members. We seek to build community and support our fellow dancers and believe a spirit of cooperation and collaboration builds inspiration. When we aren’t performing for the sheer fun and joy of it we enjoy dancing at fundraisers for some of our favorite causes.

What is tribal fusion dance?  Tribal fusion is an Americanized style of dance that incorporates elements of belly dance and tribal dance (specifically elements of American Tribal Style or ATS, Bollywood, Bhangra) with styles of dance that are more traditionally considered American including ballet, hip hop and jazz.  While Omi Mahina didn’t create tribal fusion we have put our own fun spin on it by incorporating elements from our dance training including hula and hip hop.  We hope you will join us to see what it’s all about!



Director Bios:


Talia’s dance journey started at age three with ballet lessons from a world-renowned flamenco dancer. She progressed through ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical, hip-hop and cheer through college and beyond, earning over 25 years of study in various dance and music disciplines including piano, guitar and voice. Obtaining a bachelor’s and master’s degree and some old injuries got in the way of serious dance study for a few years until she found belly dance in 2006 with Red Tent Belly dance in Sacramento. Her first introduction to belly dance showed her that this was an artistic medium where women of all sizes, ages and abilities were welcomed and had a place. Since 2006 Talia has been studying various styles of belly dance including cabaret, tribal improv and tribal fusion. Talia’s goal in teaching is to help women and girls get in touch with and feel comfortable in their skin and use dance as a means of self-expression, fitness, fun and empowerment. Outside of dance she has worked for over a decade helping women and girls professionally with self-esteem, confidence and empowerment issues and her background in psychology and education helps her break down the psychoneurology of movements and emotional expression for even the newest students. Prior to founding Omi Mahina Talia danced with Heyoka, at Planet Earth Rising and with Red Tent Belly Dance. Talia enjoys spreading the joy of tribal fusion via performances, classes and workshops and loves being a founding member of Omi Mahina.

Malolo Ryan:

An original co-founder of Omi Mahina, Malolo has studied tribal fusion via 8 elements under Rachael Brice and oriental dance under Beata & Horacio Cifuentes in Berlin. She has also studied under local power house Adriane Dellorco. Prior to co-founding Omi Mahina Malolo danced with Henna & Kohl and the Heyoka.  Rounding out her dance education Malolo has studied hip-hop and tutting and has taught these styles to under privileged children. She also studies contortion, circus arts and flying trapeze.  Malolo is currently studying for her bachelor’s degree in creative movement and when she isn’t dancing you can find her juggling, making silk art or working on environmental conservation projects.